When Is It Best To Grow Cannabis Plants?

27 Oct, 2022 | Joe | No Comments

When Is It Best To Grow Cannabis Plants?

No matter if you grow cannabis indoors or outside topping marijuana plants can help produce more, which should be every grower’s primary goal. Topping is a precise cut at the node. This sounds simple but it is important to consider the timing of the topping. Topping forces the plant vertically to grow, but the timing of topping will depend on soil health, plant health as well lighting, and size.

To increase the quality of your cannabis plants, it is important to know when to top cannabis plants if you’re new to cultivation. This tool helps you control the overall shape and growth of your cannabis plant by directing the growing tendency to the lateral sideways. As a result, the supporting branches produce thicker and more robust colas. But the topping isn’t the only thing that affects quality and yields. Other factors include soil health and watering as well as light.

Topping Cannabis Plants: When is the Best Time to Use?

There are stages in every plant’s lifecycle and you need to understand them, regardless of whether it is an annual plant or perennial if you want the ability to manage the growth of each stage. You can manage a plant’s growth cycle by controlling how much light it gets. For example, the vegetative phase can last anywhere from two weeks up to six months. Because topping cannabis plants is a stressful experience, this is an important consideration. To give your plant more energy to grow laterally, you should top it when it is healthy.

It also means that soil needs to be in good condition as the topping will increase the plant’s growing requirements. First, understand that topping will cause the plant to require more nitrogen to develop additional cola. Healthy – What does this mean? Actively growing is the short answer. But, remember that plant health is dependent on soil, watering, and light. For optimal yield, healthy plants will need all three.

The Cannabis Life Cycle

  • Germination generally takes between 2-3 days depending on species, mutations, and so forth. If growing conditions are ideal – good soil, and adequate watering, this cycle may be as fast as eight hours.
  • Seedling usually takes between 1 and a half weeks. However, it is possible to extend this period.
  • Vegetative generally lasts between 2 and 6 weeks depending on how large the pot is.

What to Consider When Topping Marijuana Pots?

Plant health is the first thing you should focus on. Plant health is the first thing to look at. A plant that doesn’t get enough light may have eight nodes but be in poor shape. Plants must be strong, the main stem should be developing and the overall growth of the plants should be even. Soil health is another important consideration. The topping is stressful for the plants therefore; you should consider these two things the most for the better growth of your plant:

1) Before topping, the plant’s health must be at its best

2) The soil health must be in good condition after topping. For lateral growth to occur, the plant will need more nutrients. The plant requires energy to grow, so it must have access to soil energy that is good, in this case, nitrogen.

Boosting Plant Growth and Health

Good soil is essential for a successful growth process. You should plan every step and remember that each species of cannabis has different requirements for topping. This does not only apply to Sativa vs. indica. Each strain of cannabis will have different requirements. You can gain wisdom by keeping a growing journal.