Over the past 12 months, artists, galleries and art fairs have merged online and physical activities. As in-person shows are returning to their original format, it is becoming apparent that a hybrid (digital/offline strategy) is the best option for sales.

New opportunities have emerged such as online viewing areas, 3D interactive show and Augmented Reality apps. This allows collectors to see the piece in their own homes right away. But are these tools actually selling art?

3D virtual galleries are becoming an attractive tool to promote art online. Artists are able to expand their businesses thanks to the ease of direct purchases and the global reach that online shows offer.

Have you ever looked at gallery apps that let you create online shows but not understood how to get the most out them? This guide will help you understand how to make the most of gallery apps that create online shows.

Make your website the main stage

Your website can host your virtual events, which can attract new and recurrent collectors. People who follow you on your journey may find this type of invitation very encouraging. It’s like being able to peek inside your studio.

An online exhibit will increase the number of visitors to your website, which can lead to new sales opportunities. It is important to include detailed descriptions of your pieces as well as high-quality photographs. Also, make sure you have additional elements that will grab the visitor’s attention such a description of the curation and information about your new items. Arty’s Art collecting 2021 research shows that collectors regard their online activities to be integral and inseparable from their experience on the art marketplace.

Artist Tim Muddiman told us all about his solo show titled ‘The one who slept there’ (July24 – August 31,2021). He placed the exhibition on the homepage and was able show us screenshots of it with relevant links.

His playlist had been in the making for approximately a year. He invited visitors to use that music as they viewed and explored his work. “It was a real, genuine experience transferred to virtual reality.”

His solo show in summer 2021, which was his first solo show, was canceled by the gallery staff due to COVID. He had seen the online galleries on the ArtPlacer websites and so moved his curated exhibition there.

Get international reach

You don’t have to travel long distances to promote your body work. Even if your audience is already international, many people can appreciate your work online. Virtual events can be a great way for you to increase your international sales and open up new revenue streams.

An exhibition can be displayed to a broad audience, rather than being limited to one country. This has proven to be extremely effective and profitable for many artists.

What are the rewards of hosting a mixed show?

It is possible to view virtual replicas IRL in order to get a second look at the items. And collectors are able to better appreciate the works of the artists by repeating the viewing.

Visitors can speak about the experience by providing details and visuals. Visitors can invite their partners and friends to join them online, at any hour.

Gallery software can be used to allow artists to add buttons for “more information” that link to a specific section of their website. Additionally, video links are included within the show to engage collectors. ArtPlacer includes a downloadable PDF brochure, and Augmented Reality interaction.

Get direct purchases

Collectors are now expecting artworks to be sold at visible prices. Next-generation artists (individuals who started collecting art in the past four years) find that a price tag is an obstacle to online art purchases. They want the buying experience to be seamless and secure.

This segment of collectors likes to be able to easily search new artists from their smartphones. They are more likely than others to purchase art directly from their mobile devices. Therefore, we believe that “buy” buttons on mobile devices are now a standard in the industry.

You must place “buy” buttons on artworks within your online galleries with links to buy them. These buttons are ideal for both new collectors and those who are already familiar with the online world. It is important to make sure that your online shop is operational so that customers can easily purchase your art via credit card.

For maximum exposure, create momentum

Now, you have successfully curated your first show using virtual gallery software. What’s the next step? Put your efforts into creating an online strategy.

Start by creating a prelaunch campaign via social media. A Facebook event can be created to announce a new program. You can grow your audience by providing daily insights and information until the launch.

Email marketing can be another powerful way to reach your contacts. Send one or two emails weeks in advance to generate curiosity. Send another email on the morning that the show opens to share the big announcement.

New tools, new strategies

Hybrid thought can only help an artist’s career.

Artist Muddiman stresses the importance for building bonds with collectors and talking to them. “I love to meet people interested and talk with them about my art. In-person art fairs and exhibitions are an excellent way to do that.” I believe that the modern artist should have both online and off-line shows at a time that is manageable, which can be very expressive and highly enjoyable.

Virtual exhibitions open up new avenues for artists to exhibit their art.

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